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Well I finally did it.

Last Fall my Halloweenie Switch Witch from the BPAL forum - Alianthe- gifted me with an Etsy store of my very own! In our e-mails back and forth before she revealed I told her why I was making and selling beaded jewelry. She knew it was because as a single working mom who just happened to have lived in 2 of the high cost of living regions, had wracked up some debt once I moved from Silicon Valley to Metro DC. I am currently engaged to this amazingly wonderful man who has chosen to make my daughter his own and she chose him to be her dad. One catch....he has a job that has clearence and I have debt. I could be considered a risk if he marries me while I still have my debt. So....I started combining my love of making jewelry out of stones, crystals and minerals into an opportunity to raise money on the side to pay down what seems like my national debt! Well the whole story is on the site.

And today...I got that Etsy store open. Only 17 items to start...BUT it is a start and I'll be adding to my collection quite often.

Here is the link if you are interested:

So Now it's off to making a custom piece for delivery. And then, homework, and perhaps more creating of pretty, sparkly, shiny pieces.

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